Summer Camps

Summer Camps

Summer is a time for exploration! Camps offer outdoor adventure, mountain biking, swimming, canoeing and kayaking, and much more.

About Our Camps

If you’re looking for a great kids summer camp, Grafton Ponds offers week-long day camps loaded with exciting outdoor adventure, mountain biking and lots of hands-on learning for ages 5-16 years. The environmental camps promote physical fitness, personal responsibility and teamwork. The camps also emphasize care for the equipment we use, and the land on which we live.

Each camp program will focus on mountain biking techniques and explorations of our natural environment. Kids will learn a variety of mountain bike skills, bicycle repair, and trail safety. Daily rides take us to spots where kids delve into some of Vermont’s really special places; areas not often visited that help keep Vermont in its ecological balance. Other camp activities include swimming, adventure games, orienteering, canoeing and kayaking, pond and stream explorations, and much more.

Mountain Bike Camps


Camp # 1 runs from June 27 to July 1st and is designed for two-wheeled adventurers ages 5 and up. Campers will gain a foundation in mountain biking skills and build confidence and strength, always with an emphasis on safety and fun!!!

Beginner to Intermediate

Camp #2 runs from July 4th to July 8th and is geared toward the beginner to intermediate skill level of bikers age 7 to 10. Campers will learn the pure fun of mountain biking through the woods on an excellent trail network. They will be coached and tutored according to their current skill level.


Camp # 3 runs from August 1st to August 5th and is structured for intermediate-level riders. The suggested ages for this camp are between 11 and 16 years. Campers will build on their bike handling skills and gain confidence and strength while exploring what Vermont summers have to offer to mountain bikers.

Intermediate to Advanced

Camp #4 is designed for intermediate to advanced riders, ages 12 to 16 years suggested. Campers will have access to an excellent trail network and will be able to hone their skills out on the trails with guidance from experienced instructors.

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What You’ll Need

A decent quality mountain bike in good working order is required. We highly suggest bringing your bike(s) to your local shop for a good tune-up before camp. Consider purchasing an extra inner-tube in case of a flat tire, too. Instructors will be prepared for this and have the tools to keep you rolling!

Rental bikes are available at the center for those without bikes. A helmet is required, and eye protection is suggested (sunglasses that aren’t too dark, or clear safety glasses from a hardware store work great) to protect your eyes from mud, branches, etc. Gloves are also recommended, for when hands get sweaty, as well as padded cycling shorts, which are comfortable and come in standard lycra design. An alternative is a more casual cargo short-style that have padding inside yet look like normal shorts. They are often called “baggy” shorts. A light breathable shirt (not cotton, as it gets wet and stays wet) is very nice to have, and a backup shirt, too. A light raincoat if it happens to shower on us. If it’s too daunting weather-wise we can watch mountain biking movies and/ or focus on bike maintenance inside the lodge.  A small backpack is very nice and highly recommended  to have to carry snacks, lunch, extra water, extra socks, extra clothes, etc. Food is fuel, so pack what you like!

Your bike should have a water bottle (or two) on it to stay hydrated, if not, Camelbak and other companies make great backpacks for riding that have a hydration system built in.

On hot days we will swim on-site, so swimming trunks or a bathing suit and a towel are nice. And always a change of clothes for the end of the day, as we will get muddy and have fun. One cannot forget sunblock and bug repellent, either.

The camps will also teach students how to take care of their bikes, so they will work better, and therefore be more fun!

Before and after each day of riding we will stretch and prepare our bodies for the fun riding, so we’re not sore afterwards. Another big hit with mountain biking camp is trail building, so campers are encouraged to bring a rake or a shovel, clippers or what ever is convenient. It’s a great feeling of accomplishment to ride down a twisty fun trail you helped build!

At the end of the week campers will leave with more respect for the outdoors, and have more confidence and skills on their bikes. Not to mention more strength! And they will have plenty of laughs and good memories that they will never forget.

Any questions call Grafton Ponds. Looking forward to seeing you!


Before 5/1- $225
Before 6/1- $250
After 6/1- $325

*25% off each additional child
*$50 additional for bike rental

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