Trail Maps

Winter Fat Biking at Grafton Ponds

We are excited to announce that we are grooming almost our entire network of singletrack this winter for Fat Biking! Trail systems and connections will be in effect in January. Until then, riders should check in at the Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center.

Take a look at our trail map to see where you’ll be riding, and review our Fat Bike Rider’s Biking Etiquette.

Starting from the new bike center in the village, you will be able to ride groomed trails along hedgerows and streams in the beautiful meadows that border the town.  Crossing a bridge over the South Branch of the Saxtons River, riders will then link up with the Grafton Ponds Nordic trails that connect all of the singletrack.  Since a few of these trails will be shared with skiers, there are some guidelines we all need to follow to foster a positive experience for everyone.  There is simply too much to enjoy here for one user group to be excluded.  So let’s all be good!


Fat Biking at The Grafton Ponds Outdoor Center


Riders must check in at the ride center in the village to obtain a day pass. Season passes are also available.

On SHARED trails, all skiers have the right-of-way. Please ride single file, to the far right side of the trail at all times. Be courteous and always yield to skiers. They don’t have brakes like you do! If we play nice, everyone will have a good time and we will feel good knowing we are ambassadors of our sport.

Check online or call for conditions. If the snow is too soft, and you leave ruts, It will make it much harder to maintain and really isn’t much fun to ride on anyways. You end up walking every climb and leaving boot tracks adds to struggle of maintaining a good surface.

The general rule of thumb is that if you are leaving a 2″ rut and having to push your bike, you should stop, go put some skis on and enjoy the fresh snow! The nordic trails are beautiful!

Tires any narrower than 3.8″ are not allowed on any of the trails. Ever! We recommend running 8psi or less. Above 10psi is also not allowed.

Grafton Ponds is proud to be affiliated with the Vermont Mountain Bike Association.