Barrett House

Barrett House at Grafton Inn

Built in 1783, Barrett House is located on the corner of Route 121 and Townshend Road, just across the street from the Grafton Inn.


This guest house has three bedrooms, a fully-equipped kitchen with dishwasher & working fireplace, a den with television, large double living room, dining room and powder room. Three upstairs bedrooms include a king bedroom, and two queen bedrooms. Sleeps 6-7 people.


We welcome children ages five and older in Barrett House; if the house is a full property rental by the same family, then children of all ages are welcome.


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Barrett House Rooms

Room B1

Queen canopy bed. MORE »

Barrett House Room B2

Room B2

Queen canopy bed. MORE »

Barrett House Room B3

Room B3

Queen canopy bed. MORE »