Homestead Cottage

Homestead Cottage is located directly across the road from the Main Tavern and is connected to the Windham Cottage.


Homestead contains four guest rooms and one suite, along with two meeting rooms: the Homestead meeting room and the President’s Room. Homestead Cottage has WiFi. The spacious Homestead Parlor has several sitting areas and cable TV. There are also public restrooms, an ice machine and a payphone in this building.


In the Homestead Cottage rooms, we welcome children of all ages including those under the age of 5. If you are interested in rooms that do not have children age 5 or younger, we recommend the Windham Cottage or the Main Tavern rooms.


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Homestead Cottage Rooms and Suite

Homestead Cottage Suite 24

Suite 24

King Suite. MORE »

Room 22

Traditional Room. MORE »

Homestead Cottage Guest Room 20

Room 20

Classic Room. MORE »

Homestead Cottage Room 23

Room 23

Traditional Room. MORE »

Homestead Cottage Guest Room

Room 21

Classic Room. MORE »