White Gates House

White Gates House at Grafton Inn

This beautiful property is a separate rental house located west on Main Street, just past the White Church and steps away from the Grafton Inn.


First Floor: A large living room with a fireplace and television, dining room, large kitchen with breakfast nook. The 1/2 covered porch looks over the pasture.

One bedroom: One antique double bed with private bath.

Second Floor: Three bedrooms, all with queen canopy beds and large private bathrooms.


Children ages five and older are welcome at White Gates; if the house is a full property rental by the same family, then children of all ages are welcome.


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White Gates House Rooms

Room WG1

Queen canopy bed. MORE »

White Gates House Room WG4

Room WG4

Double bed. MORE »

White Gates House Room WG2

Room WG2

Queen canopy bed. MORE »

White Gates House Room WG3

Room WG3

Queen canopy bed. MORE »