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220 Year Celebration Silent Auction Items

The 220 Year Celebration will feature a silent auction of historical items. Here is a sneak peak at the auction items.

Auction Item #1

Mohegan Bluffs on Block Island, Maine, unsigned, 19th c. (photo to come)

Auction Item #2

Footed Soap Dish painted brown

Auction Item #3

James Sanford Ellsworth – 1840, Watercolor, small boy with dog whip, J. Evans, c. 1845

Auction Item #4

James Sanford Ellsworth, – 1840, Watercolor, 3/4 portrait of girl in a new hat c. 1850

Auction Item #5

James Sanford Ellsworth, – 1840, Watercolor, Man (standing) and wife (seated), c. 1850

Auction Item #6

Marble Lamb for a child’s gravestone, 19th c., Proctor, Vermont by a quarryman named Tonelli

Auction Item #7

228 clay marbles

Auction Item #8

Herb sieve with horsehair bottom

Auction Item #10

Handkerchief of George Washington at the alter of liberty, 1819, 26×18 7/8 (photo coming soon)

Auction Item #11

Spoon carved in the shape of a silver serving spoon

Auction Item #12

Scoop with handle carved from one piece of wood

Auction Item #13

Scoop, clamshell shape

Auction Item #14

Large soapstone soap dish elaborately beveled

Auction Item #15

Carved Primitive Flying Bird

Auction Item #16

Stone books 12 lot

Auction Item #17

John Stobart, Cleveland, limited-edition, signed & numbered

Auction Item #18

Gourd sander, incised with floral design

Auction Item #19

Souvenir China, Burlington, large bowl, Ethan Allen Monument