Chili Con Grafton Queso

Chef Martin’s Chile Con Grafton Queso


2 1/2 lbs Grafton Cheddar, diced or shredded (1 or 2 Year Aged) 1 1/3 c milk 1 c diced onion 1/2 c diced Anaheim chiles 1/2 c sliced jalapenos 1/2 c Tomatoes, diced 2 tea chopped fresh garlic 3 tea ground cumin 11/4 tea freshly ground black pepper  


Heat the cheese and milk in double boiler until melted and smooth. Add the remaining ingredients and continue to cook, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes. Put mixture in a blender and blend until smooth. Place Con Queso in a bowl and serve with your favorite chips or vegetable strips, or as a cheese sauce for nachos. Option: For a smoky taste, add in some Grafton Maple Smoked Cheddar. Serve in a bowl with tortilla chips and vegetable strips, or use as a sauce over nachos.  

Grafton Cheddar Puffs with Roasted Tomato Salsa

Grafton Cheddar Puffs with Roasted Tomato Salsa

A delicious and easy Mediterranean dish. We served this at a recent Spanish wine dinner here at the inn. Enjoy! Puffs: 2 ½ ounces  all purpose flour 2 ounces  olive oil 5 ounces  water 2 each  whole eggs 2 ounces  Grafton cheddar, shredded (1 or 2 year) ½ teaspoon  paprika To taste  salt and pepper Your preferred oil for deep frying   Bring water and olive oil just to the boil.  Remove from heat and sift in flour.  Mix with wooden spoon till fully incorporated and the “dough” pulls away from the sides of the pan.  Allow to cool slightly then add the eggs one at a time and mix well.  Add the cheese and paprika and season.  Mix well.  Heat oil to 350.  Drop the batter by spoonfuls carefully into the oil and fry for two to three minutes or until the puffs are golden brown, turning once to cook evenly.  Remove from oil and drain on paper towels while the rest of the batter is fried.   Salsa: 2 tablespoons olive oil 2 each shallots, finely chopped 1 each garlic clove, crushed ¼ cup white wine 12 each Roma tomatoes, cut in half length wise 2 tablespoons fresh basil, chopped 1 tablespoon fresh oregano, chopped To taste salt and pepper Place tomato halves on a sheet pan and season with salt and pepper.  Roast at 200 for two to three hours.  Sauté the shallots and garlic in the olive oil till translucent.  Deglaze with the wine and allow to reduce slightly.  Place roasted tomatoes and shallot mixture into blender and puree.  Stir in fresh herbs and adjust seasoning. Fill a platter with the puffs and place the roasted tomato sauce in dish in the center of the platter.

Wild Mushroom & Spinach Risotto with Grafton Smoked Cheddar

A  delicious, comfort-food that pops with the creaminess of Grafton Cheese.

Ingredients 2 cups Arborio rice 1 bottle white wine, Chardonnay 1 large sweet onion, thin julienne 1 shallot, finely chopped ½ lb baby spinach 1.5 quarts miso broth (combine yellow miso & hot water) 6 oz Grafton Maple Smoked Cheddar, grated 4 oz unsalted butter 1 bulb roasted garlic (chopped) ¼ cup parmesan cheese ½ lb shitake mushrooms ½ lb cremini mushrooms ½ lb oyster mushrooms 1 teaspoon lemon zest Extra virgin olive oil Balsamic vinegar Sea salt Fresh ground black pepper Place a thick bottomed sauce pot on medium low heat. Sauté mushrooms in three batches with the olive oil and 1 T butter. Cook to golden brown. Add a splash of balsamic vinegar to caramelize each batch of mushrooms. Set aside cooked mushrooms. In the same pot, on medium low heat, heat 1 T butter, 1 T olive oil. Add onion and shallot and sauté until caramelized. Add 2 oz of the white wine to deglaze. Add Arborio rice with 2 T olive oil and stir well. Add 6 oz stock, 2 oz wine and 1 t butter, continually stirring the rice. Keep repeating the stock, wine and butter combination until all broth is absorbed (approx. 20-25 mins.). Cook to al dente. Add spinach until wilted, then the roasted garlic, Grafton cheddar and parmesan. Add mushrooms, and season dish with salt and pepper. Serves 6-8 people

Maple Pumpkin Pecan Cheesecake

Pumpkin Maple Pecan Cheesecake 1 1/3 cup graham cracker crumbs ¼ cup sugar 5 tbl melted butter 24 oz cream cheese at room temp 3 each lrg eggs 15 oz pumpkin puree, pure 14 oz sweetened condensed milk 3 tbl maple syrup (I like b or even c grade) 2 tsp ground cinnamon 1 tsp ground nutmeg ½ tsp fine sea salt *preheat oven to 325.  Mix the graham, sugar and melted butter in a large bowl until well mixed.  Press into the bottom of a spring form pan.  In a mixer with a paddle attachment, mix the cream cheese until light and fluffy, approximately five minutes.  Turn the mixer to low speed and add the eggs one at a time until they are completely incorporated.  Add the pumpkin, condensed milk and maple syrup and mix on medium speed till fully mixed.  Finally, add the salt and spices and continue to mix on medium speed for at least five minutes.  The longer you mix the filling the lighter the final cake will be.  Pour the filling over the graham crust and gently knock the bubbles out of the cake by tapping it against the counter.  Bake for one hour and fifteen minutes or until the cake is just set and wiggles slightly in the center.  Turn your oven off and place a dry kitchen towel in the oven door to leave it open slightly and allow the cake to rest in the warm oven for at least one hour.  After the hour, remove cake from oven and  chill for at least four hours before removing from spring form pan.   For the glaze: 1 cup heavy cream 2/3 cup Vermont maple syrup (again either grade b or c) ¾ cup chopped pecans In a medium saucepan, combine the cream and maple syrup and bring to a boil. Boil until slightly thickened, 25 minutes, stirring occasionally. Stir in the pecan pieces. Cover and chill. Stir together before pouring over completely cooled cheesecake.

Pan Seared Venison Loin

Courtesy of The Grafton Inn Cook and Prep Time: 35 minutes | Yield: Serves Two | Suggested wine: Sineann Old Vine Zinfandel Pan Seared Venison Loin with caramelized Brussels sprouts, a parsnip puree with Vermont mascarpone and goat cheeses and served with a pomegranate port reduction.


6 oz Vermont venison loin 10 Brussels sprouts, cut in half 3 baby carrots (blanched and set aside) 3 parsnips, peeled and chopped 2 oz Vermont mascarpone cheese 2 oz Vermont goat cheese 2 oz Pomegranate molasses (can be purchased at local co-ops or specialty food markets) 8 oz Port wine 1 shallot, finely chopped 2 oz white balsamic vinegar 2 oz extra virgin olive oil Salt & pepper to taste Prepare two saucepans of salted water to boil.


Season venison with salt and pepper. Heat 1 oz each of olive oil and butter in a large sauté pan on medium heat. Add the venison and brown on each side; cook until medium rare. Set aside on a separate plate.


Boil parsnips in salted water for 15 minutes until tender, then drain. Puree parsnips with the mascarpone, goat cheese and 1 oz butter. Set aside.

Brussels sprouts

Blanch the Brussels sprouts (approximately 3 minutes) in the other pot of boiling,salted water, and then put them in a bowl of ice water (to shock them and keep them green). Drain sprouts. In a separate pan, heat 1 oz olive oil and butter,then sauté shallots. Once shallots are softened add Brussels sprouts on medium heat until they start to caramelize. Use the white balsamic and deglaze the pan. Set aside. Sauce In a sauce pan, add the port on medium high heat until it is reduced to about 2/3 of the way. Then stir in the pomegranate molasses. Remove from heat. Garnish with the blanched carrots. Pour the sauce around the venison and parsnips

Grafton Inn Style Apple Pie

Courtesy Pastry Chef Jason Corrigan, The Grafton Inn Apple Note: Cortland, Gala, Empire and Macintosh are all fine substitutes for apple pie, but the texture of a Granny Smith holds together best and has a good tartness for pies.


1 egg (beaten and mixed with 1 T water) 2 12-inch sheets puff pastry (square) 6 granny smith apples (peeled & sliced thin) 1 t cinnamon 1/2 t cardamom 2 T granulated sugar 1 T maple syrup Half lemon (squeezed) 2 t cornstarch


Par-bake bottom pastry sheet for about five minutes at 375 degrees. In a mixing bowl, toss apples and all remaining ingredients (except egg). When pastry comes out of oven, place apple mixture onto pastry, leaving about one inch of pastry exposed. Put on top layer of pastry and press down all the way around, creating a tight seal. Add a few small vent holes in top center, brush top with beaten egg wash and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. Bake at same temperature for about 25 minutes or until dark golden brown. Let cool for about half an hour and serve with vanilla ice cream or Grafton Cheddar. Enjoy with a nice cold glass of Vermont’s Woodchuck Hard Cider.

Clementine and Maple Roast Goose

A delicious Christmas combination. Enjoy with a nice crisp Sauvignon blanc.


One whole goose (10-12 lbs) available at your local co-op 6 each clementines (halved and juiced, except for two) 2 oz dark maple syrup 2 T fresh sage 4 sprigs fresh rosemary 4 cloves garlic (chopped) Sea salt and fresh ground white pepper 8 oz chardonnay 4 medium sweet potatoes, washed but not peeled 2 heads cauliflower (cut into florets) 1/2 gallon apple cider (slightly hard) 8 oz Grafton Four Star Cheddar (four-year aged) 2 whole eggs (beaten) Fresh grated nutmeg 6 oz butter 1 cup panko breadcrumbs 3 oz heavy cream


Rinse goose with cold water, pat dry. Take meat fork and prick entire bird’s skin being careful not to puncture the meat. Dip goose into large pot of salted, boiling water for two minutes, drain. Immediately place outside to air dry for two hours: this will help the fat render down as well as crisp up the skin. After drying, stuff goose with two clementines (cut in half), herbs, wine and garlic. Mix clementine juice and maple syrup and brush onto bird. Season with salt & pepper on top. Place onto large baking dish with rack. Add about 4 oz water to bottom of pan to catch fat. Wrap sweet potatoes with foil and place around goose. Bake at 375 degrees until thermometer reads 160 degrees (NOTE: you will need to cover top of bird with foil after about an hour or the maple will start to burn). Use boiling pot to blanch cauliflower (about five minutes), then place into buttered baking dish with eggs, half of the cheese Salt & Pepper to taste, cream and half of panko. Top with remaining cheese with remaining panko on top, along with a few grates of nutmeg. Bake gratin for about 20 minutes at 400 degrees until golden brown. In saucepan, boil cider on medium heat until it is reduced by 1/2. Remove everything stuffed in the bird and add it to the saucepan; slowly simmer for 20 minutes, then strain. Unwrap sweet potatoes and slice, top with butter. Carve goose starting at the top of breast bone, slice thinly all the way down to the legs and fan out on plates, cover with cider reduction. Add sweet potatoes and a nice scoop of gratin to plates.

Mediterranean Bouillabaisse

  Courtesy of The Grafton Inn Boullabaise Ingredients 10 each, mussels 3 large, shrimp (quartered) 5 oz, firm textured fish (halibut, swordfish, red snapper) 2 oz, assorted olives 1 tbsp, rinsed capers 1 tbsp, diced roasted red peppers 1 each, diced vine ripened tomato 1 tbsp, chopped fresh basil 1 tbsp, roasted garlic 1/4 cup, dry white wine 1/2 cup, chicken or vegetable stock 1/2 cup, tomato juice 1 tbsp, extra virgin olive oil 1 tbsp, unsalted butter 1/2 tsp, freshly ground chili pepper 1/2 tsp, sea salt 1 tbsp, diced fennel Combine olive oil, garlic, capers, olives, red peppers and white wine, simmer for about two minutes. Add mussels. Saute lightly until shells open. Remove mussels and discard any that do not open. Add shrimp and fish and saute for about a minute. Add all other remaining ingredients including the mussels and bring to a boil. Simmer on medium heat for another three minutes. Serve hot and garnish with fresh basil and sourdough croutons.

Vegetarian Satay with Asian Pesto

Courtesy of The Grafton Inn Prep time: 25 minutes | Cook time: 10 minutes | Yield: 4 Servings

Satay Ingredients

1 zucchini, sliced on the bias 1 inch thick 1 small eggplant, sliced in half, then in 1/4 inch slices 10 large shitake mushroom caps 4 scallions, 1 inch lengths 2 red peppers, cleaned and sliced into 1 inch squares wooden skewers soaked in water

Asian Pesto (or Peanut Pesto)

  1. 4 cups, roasted unsalted peanuts
  2. 2 cups for plating
  3. 2 large shallots, sliced
  4. 4 cloves sliced garlic
  5. 3 minced Thai chiles (serrano pepper is a good substitute)
  6. 3 Kaffir lime leaves (available at most good food co-ops)
  7. 2 stalks of lemon grass
  8. 1 tbsp of sugar
  9. 2 limes, juiced
  10. 2 cups peanut oil
  11. 1 cup basil leaves
  12. 1/2 cup cilantro leaves
  13. 1/2 cup mint leaves
  14. Salt and pepper to taste

Prepare a hot grill.  Skewer the vegetables individually onto the pre soaked skewers (soak for at least an hour) The shitakes should have a scallion on each side.  Lightly oil and season the satay skewered vegetables on a hot grill, mark and criss-cross both sides, about 4 to 5 minutes each side. In a food processor, add 2 cups of peanuts, shallots, garlic, chiles, kaffir and lemon grass, puree until smooth.  Add Sugar, lime juice and season. Drizzle in remaining oil and then add Herbs (basil, cilantro and mint) Lay remainder of peanuts on a large plate, place a bowl of the pesto on the center of the plate and surround with satays.  Garnish with additional herbs.

Espresso Chocolate Tart

Courtesy of  The Grafton Inn Yield: 1 large tart


10 inch tart pan 9 oz. all purpose flour 5 oz unsalted butter (very cold and diced) 1 T sugar 1 whole egg 2-3T cold water Sift together flour & sugar. Cut butter into flour with a pastry knife or food processor. Mix in egg and just enough water to form dough by hand. Do no overwork dough or crust will be tough. Rest dough for 20 mins in refrigerator. Roll out dough to ¼” thick (floured board). Either grease pan or line with parchment paper, and place dough in pan. Blind bake for 15-20 mins. (parchment paper, fill with dry beans – to keep dough from rising) at 375 degrees.

Chocolate Ganache (Filling)

22 oz dark chocolate (chips or bars) 1 oz unsalted butter 2.5 oz Caro syrup 9 oz heavy cream 2 oz fresh espresso (ground) or 2 T of espresso powder Place all ingredients in metal bowl and heat gently over a double boiler. Allow tart shell to cool and pour ganache into crust. Refrigerate before serving. Garnish w/ fresh fruit or chopped nuts.