Welcome to the Grafton Trails Blog

Welcome to my blog. I hope that by reading about my rides and adventures you will feel the stoke I do when I ride my bike.  I’m a husband.  I am a dad. I have a cool job and all that I think about is riding, or working on my bikes, or what my next bike will be……  I basically am a bike nut and have been my whole life.

Biking near Lake Champlain
Me biking near Lake Champlain

I remember when I was about eight or so, I stripped my Huffy Road Thunder completely down to the frame and painted it red so it would “go faster”.  Maybe it was all in my head, but it did go faster.   What I truly love about bikes is covering ground under my own power and taking in the air and the things you don’t see when you’re zipping along in your car.  It’s cool to fly down the hills and even cooler to enjoy the climbs.  “What’s over that hill?  I can’t believe a hawk just took off from that limb above me and is flying along side me!”  Ripping thru the woods on a sinuous strip of dirt and rock, like a wolf running down his prey.  Popping off a perfectly placed ramp of a rock or earth like the deer bounds with a confidence and almost playful game.  Loading up your bike with a week’s, or maybe just two days worth of your life and riding all day and camping and repeat.

I want you to read and understand that even getting out on the bike at 5 a.m. to fit a ride in before work can be an adventure and a way of life.  Maybe once in a lifetime you might get the chance to travel in a foreign country, or across ours.  But you can do something every day that feels just as good and being on the bike is always about freedom.