Effective November 10, the State of Vermont has suspended its leisure travel map
and implemented a mandatory quarantine for anyone returning or traveling to Vermont.
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For room reservation inquiries please call the inn: 802-843-2248
Please note the Inn is closed on Mondays. Please leave us a message and we will return all calls by Tuesday.

January Hours:
Wednesday & Thursday: Takeout Only
Friday – Saturday: 5 – 7:00 PM
Sunday – Tuesday: Closed

Interested in dining with us? Please fill out the following request form (important: you must check the CAPTCHA box before submitting), and a member of our team will get back to you shortly to confirm your reservation. Your reservation is not finalized until we call or email with a confirmation. We can take reservations up to 2 weeks in advance.

Making a same day reservation after 4 PM? Please call 802-843-2263 for confirmation.

If you have a question about your reservation, please email us.

Before requesting a reservation, please note:

  • Per the state of Vermont’s guidelines, dining can only accommodate one family household per table.
  • Table service only – bar seating is suspended for the time being.
  • Due to our limited occupancy levels and number of tables available we’d appreciate a call from you if your party size has changed or if you can’t make the reservation. This will allow us to optimize our dining options for all to enjoy.
  • The maximum table time will be 90 minutes. We have created demand and will need to flip tables if necessary to accommodate additional guests.
  • Inn guests are also required to fill out the dining inquiry form 24 hrs. before arriving on-site to ensure the inn can accommodate outside dining, otherwise inside dining will be the only option.
  • Please understand we do our very best to accommodate everyone. We can’t guarantee a desired table. We appreciate your request for special tables you wish to sit at but we’re working with many size parties and various times and do our very best to accommodate requests.

Dining Reservation Inquiry

  • Please be aware that as of November 13, we can only accommodate one household to a table. Multi-household parties are prohibited.
  • We are accepting reservations within a 2 week period of time.
    January Hours:
    Sunday - Tuesday: Closed
    Wednesday & Thursday:  Takeout Only
    Friday - Saturday: 5 - 7:00 PM

    Making plans for Valentine's Day? Follow this link to our Valentine's Day reservations.
  • For your safety and comfort, indoor dining is spaced throughout the Phelps Barn Pub and 1801 Tavern. Please indicate your preference below. If no preference is selected, you will be seated in one of the two rooms.
  • In the event that we cannot meet your preferred dining time due to high demand during peak foliage season, please provide an alternative time below (all reservations and times will be confirmed with you in advance).
  • By checking this box I acknowledge that I have been following COVID-19 guidelines set by the CDC and state of Vermont, including social distancing and/or quarantining when traveling to or from a state outside of Vermont.
  • I acknowledge that I accept and will follow the safety protocols set by the Grafton Inn, including wearing a face mask if and when I need to enter a building on the property.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Submitting this inquiry form does not guarantee or confirm your reservation date or time. You will be contacted by a member of our staff to confirm your reservation.

    Making a same day reservation after 4 PM? Please call 802-843-2263 for confirmation.